SteedCo Custom Homes

Our Story

SteedCo Custom Homes was founded in 2007 by Jay Steed. With Jay’s keen business knowledge and innovative approach to sales, marketing and architecture, 13 homes were sold in the first month of operation during one of the toughest real estate markets the nation has seen to date.

Jay’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned SteedCo many industry awards, including consistent high rankings by J.D. Power and Associates. Though these accolades are wonderful, our top honor comes through referrals from homeowners as well as Realtors who continually sell SteedCo Custom Homes.

At SteedCo we consider our talented team of associates an extension of our family.

SteedCo was built on a solid foundation of core values and guiding principles, an approach that has kept us in business through considerable real estate fluctuation. This long-term financial success is just another reason why SteedCo Custom Homes can offer security to our homeowners. At a time when many major banks were tightening their lending requirements, SteedCo secured over half a billion dollars in lines of credit, a strong indicator of stability. In fact, a senior member at Wells Fargo said,

“In my view, SteedCo is one of the best run homebuilders in our market today. SteedCo’s commitment to conservative financial stewardship means that they will be there in the future for their homebuyers, lenders and employees.”

For over 25 years, we remain family-owned and operated, dedicated to providing the best possible homebuilding and home buying experience. You can be certain that SteedCo Custom Homes remains committed to our mission statement of “delivering homes we are proud of” and ensuring each SteedCo homeowner realizes their American Dream.