SteedCo Custom Homes


We call the Realtors we work with our partners. And we believe that a true partnership between SteedCo Custom Homes and the Realtors at Lakeland Realty results in the most satisfying relationship for Realtor and home buyer alike.

That partnership extends from the time we are first introduced to you until your customers are happy with their completed home.

As one of our partners, you’ll work hand-in-hand with our sales counselors, who will work to answer your questions, and work to personalize homes to reflect the interests of your buyers. Our sales counselors’ dedication, experience and knowledge are second-to-none; they will work with you to provide all the information and support you need, to ensure that your clients find the perfect home and that the home buying process is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

SteedCo Custom Homes’ dedication to quality home building and materials and our reliable customer service have put us at the forefront of the market for uniquely designed homes.

Let’s find ways we can work together. We hope to hear from you soon.