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Services Provided By SteedCo Custom Homes

When we say that we do it all when it comes to custom home construction, we mean it. Do not get caught up in finding different companies to handle the various services that a new construction or remodeling project necessitates. Call today to learn about the extensive services we offer, some of which include:

Architectural Plans

The construction of a new home or office requires a lot of planning, obviously. Do not get into a construction project with a contractor unable to plan ahead. Work with us to guarantee that your architectural plans are drafted correctly.

American’s with Disabilities Act/ADA Disability Services

A home should be comfortable and easy to navigate for every member of the household. That is why ABC is proud to remodel homes to accommodate persons with disabilities. Whether you need ramps, lower countertops or anything else, we can make your home more accessible.

Brick and Stone

There is a timeless feel to brick and stone construction. Make sure that your brick or stone walkways and retaining walls are as durable as they are eye–catching. Contact us for your brick and stone construction needs.

Building Violation Corrections

When you allow SteedCo Custom Homes to build your home, you can rest assured that everything is above code. We cannot build every building, of course. However if your building is in violation of any code or regulation, we can correct the problem.

Bullet Resistant/Bulletproof Construction

Whether to protect your business or to protect your home, our contractors are happy to help you live and work more safely. Contact us today if you are interested in bullet resistant or bulletproof construction options.


Cabinets are more than just storage space. Nice cabinetry can really make a difference to the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Let us construct custom cabinets for you or refinish the ones you have.


Not only must a skilled, professional carpenter handle the construction of your home, but also the smaller finishing touches. Whether you need full residential framing or just some trim work touched up, our carpentry experts are available.

Cathedral Ceilings

Want to make a statement in your home? Consider a striking cathedral ceiling. Allow one of our contractors to help you determine if a cathedral ceiling is the right option for you.

Concrete Foundation

The concrete foundation below your home is responsible for supporting everything that sits atop it. Make sure that yours is up to the challenge. Call SteedCo Custom Homes to handle the job correctly.


Your countertops are a very important part of your house, and will serve as a focal point in the years to come. As such, choosing the right style and materials is very important. We are happy to design and install quality countertops for you.


There’s nothing better than hanging out on the deck during a warm summer night. Unless, of course, your deck was haphazardly thrown together. When we complete the construction of your deck, you won’t have to worry about that.


Sometimes the only way to get the effect you want from your hardscaping is to start from scratch. That’s when you have to call in the hardscape demolition pros on our team. We’ll clear out the old to help you get on with the new.

Design and Build Construction

Why work with a company that will not be there with you throughout every step of the process? When you work with our design and build construction specialists, you will have no doubts about any of the work we do.

Drainage Systems

Is water able to make its way away from your home efficiently and reliably? If not, you risk serious damage to your property. Only with a quality drainage system can you hope to avoid such issues.


Your driveway may not be the most exciting aspect of your home, but it is one of the most important when it comes to convenience. Make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your homes driveway — contact us for more information.

Door and Windows

Not all doors and windows are created equally. When you need to schedule door or window installation services, let us know. We also work with energy efficient and dual pane doors and windows.

Door Installation and Replacement

Your doors must be perfectly sized and properly installed to keep your home efficient. We can ensure that this is the case; let us know when you are ready for new doors in your home.

Electrical Services

Whether you need commercial or residential electrical services, we’re the contractors that will do the job right. From rewiring to entire electrical installations, we do it all. Let us know what we can do for your electrical system.


No matter what type of excavation you need, we’ll complete the project properly. From excavations for concrete foundations to tearing out old tree stumps, we can handle any excavation services you may need.

Finished Basements

If you want a finished basement in your home, we are the contractors to call. Adding extra living space to your home is never a bad idea. Let us help you make the most out of your basement finishing project.


Nothing ties a room together like a fireplace; not even a great rug. If you are interested in incorporating a fireplace into your home, let us know. We’ll make sure you get the fireplace of your dreams.


You need to know that your floors will hold up through the use they will face over the years; ours always do. We can install concrete, hardwood, laminate, tile, stone, travertine and more. Let us make sure that your floors last for years to come.


From housing foundations to patios and everything in between, make sure that your feet are indeed on solid ground. This is only possible with a great foundation. Do not take any chances with the materials used or the expertise with which your foundation is laid.

Foundation Walls

You cannot deny the importance of your foundation walls. That means that you cannot deny the importance of hiring quality craftsman for their construction. We will build your foundation walls with the skill and materials necessary to make them last.


Do not take any risks with the framing of your home. We use the best materials around to ensure the structural integrity of your framing. Call to schedule a consultation.

Green Remodeling

If you are going to spend money remodeling your home, why not get something back in return? Any remodeling service can make your home more visually appealing. Green remodeling can accomplish that while also helping to make your home a more energy efficient living environment.

HVAC Services

As a property owner, you need to know that your home or office will be comfortable throughout the entire year. When you schedule your HVAC installation services with our team, you can have faith in their performance quality. For great HVAC services, you know who to call.

Kitchen Countertops

Are you unhappy with the amount of countertop space in your house? SteedCo Custom Homes can help. Our kitchen remodeling professionals will make sure you have the kitchen countertops you desire in your home.


The landscaping on your property ought to be inspiring, not insipid. When we handle your hardscape update, landscape remodeling and retaining wall construction, it will be just that. Spruce up your property today with the help of SteedCo Custom Homes.


Masonry entails a lot of services, and we do it all. From walkways to concrete cutting and drainage systems, you can count on us to complete your masonry project properly. Call for more information.

Masonry Repair

Whatever your masonry repair needs may be; we are the company to call. From damaged pool decks to cracked driveways, we can do it all. Call today for exceptional masonry repair.

Masonry Hardscape Remodeling

No matter what you want from your masonry or hardscape remodeling project, our technicians will get the job done right. Whether you want a new concrete installation or you need to remodel your driveway, we have the tools and training necessary for success.

Masonry Restoration

If you love the design of your masonry but the installations themselves have seen better days, contact us today. We will handle your masonry restoration with the same skill and expertise we bring to every masonry project we complete.

New Shingle Roof

Shingle roofs are among the most popular roofing options around, and for good reason. Find out why for yourself; contact us and let us handle your shingle roofing needs.

Painting and Staining

If you have ever taken on a painting or staining project, you probably now understand why there are professionals to handle such services. Let us complete your painting and staining projects with the skill and expertise necessary for optimal results.

Plumbing Services

All new construction projects need a great plumbing system. For a full plumbing installation or just simple plumbing repairs, call SteedCo Custom Homes. Our plumbing services will keep your home running smoothly, and will leave you feeling confident in your choice.

Pool Decks

A pool is a great luxury, but you need more than just the pool to truly enjoy the experience. A great pool deck is a wonderful way to bring your backyard vacation spot to completion. Call now to discuss your options.

Roof Repair

There are few things more upsetting to homeowners than a damaged, leaking roof. Handle the problem promptly to avoid serious issues with your home — schedule roof repair with one of our expert roofers today.

Site Plans

So you plan on constructing a new home or building? You better have detailed site plans to ensure that every single requirement is fulfilled. When you allow us to supply your site plans, you can count on everything being carefully considered and all requirements being met.


Staircases serve as a very essential function of multi–story homes, but this does not mean that they cannot also bring a stylish flourish to your house. Make sure that your staircases match your personal preferences and suit your home well.

Tenant Improvements

Tenant improvements for food services, medical offices, new construction and retail spaces are very detailed. Whether you are a property owner or manager, landlord, real estate broker or current tenant, we will work closely with you to make sure that your tenant improvements are completed properly. Our work will be of the highest caliber, completed on time and within budget.

Trim Work

Make sure that your doors, windows and other parts of your home do not look like they were hastily installed. With quality trim work, you can really boost the aesthetic appeal of your home. Call to discuss your options.

Vinyl Siding

Are you looking for a way to add value to your home? Maybe you just want to spruce up the exterior? Either way, vinyl siding may be right for you. Let us help you decide.


No one likes trudging across a damp, slick lawn to get to the front door. Keep guests on the right path while protecting your lawn with a great walkway. We’ll make sure that your walkway is up to providing years of quality performance.

Window Installation and Replacement

The windows in your home are a likely source of energy loss. Do not let poor window installation and replacement services drive up your energy bills. Call us today for quality windows in Missouri.