SteedCo Custom Homes

Why Buy a New Home Rather Than One That’s Pre-Owned?

Many homebuyers wrestle with the decision of whether to buy a new home or one that’s pre-owned. There was a time when this decision was more difficult to make because the features were similar. However, new building materials and construction techniques have created financial and lifestyle advantages, making the new home purchase a far superior choice. Here’s why:

Energy Efficiency

A new SteedCo home is more energy efficient than a home that was built even a few years ago. There have been huge advancements in building science, systems and materials that provide a drastic reduction in monthly energy costs from homes that were built 5 years ago – let alone 20 years ago! Even the remodeling efforts that are used to update older homes and make them more energy efficient will never be as effective as those that are built into a new SteedCo home.

Fresh Architectural Designs

Some pre-owned homes simply look dated. A new SteedCo home is designed for today’s families and their changing lifestyles. With a new home, buyers can enjoy the most current advancements in technology, appliances, floor plans, and on-trend design accents.

Lower Costs of Ownership

New homes have almost no maintenance requirements for many years after they are constructed and anything that might surface is covered by the builder’s warranty and service agreements. Pre-owned homes do not enjoy this advantage and often these simple maintenance tasks are overwhelming. Included in the purchase price of every home, SteedCo offers three types of warranties that can take care of anything which might arise in the near and long-term future: A one-year warranty for functional (windows and doors); A two-year warranty for mechanical systems and a 10-year structural warranty.

Older homes are also in constant need of painting, flooring replacement, kitchen appliance replacement, plumbing and other expensive updates. With a new SteedCo home, you can enjoy the benefit of all new materials.

Personalization of a New Home

With a new home, you can make it your own! Unlike a pre-owned home, which might have been designed for a completely different family from yours, a new SteedCo home allows the buyer to choose the perfect floor plan and add options that accommodate the individual needs of their family. Customized colors, finish-work and other personal touches are just some of the options available.

The Workmanship is Better

You’ve probably heard the phrase: They don’t make ‘em like they used to. This is true. Quality homebuilders make ‘em BETTER than they used to! Consumers have learned that they can enjoy the best materials, products and workmanship. Construction methods have also advanced dramatically. SteedCo Custom Homes combines these advancements to deliver homes that are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

SteedCo Custom Homes are Inspected Three Times

Most buyers of pre-owned homes have had horror-stories about the slip-shod inspection that occurred before closing. With a new SteedCo home, this is avoided.

In addition to SteedCo’s own quality assurance professionals, each SteedCo home is inspected by three outside entities:

  • A City Inspection guarantees that all new homes meet the latest, stringent municipal codes.
  • Burgess Construction Consultants, a third party consultant, is hired to inspect the construction quality of every new SteedCo home.
  • Environments for Living, a third party energy rater, inspects each home and assigns a HERS rating to guarantee a range for the monthly utility bills.

All of these benefits make it an easy decision to buy a new home!